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One small teddy’s adventures in a big planet.

The world is a big place. So when a little white teddy bear wants to travel the globe, he’s going to needs some help. Fortunately, October Productions was on hand to help Teddy create and maintain his amazing travel blog and web site.

A Teddy Abroad is a travel blog like no other. Using WordPress as the backend CMS allows Teddy to easily update the site wherever in the world he happens to be. October Productions hosts the site, and also developed the theme by heavily modifying an existing free theme (significantly keeping the development costs down).

The site benefits from a number of free WordPress plugins (again, keeping the development costs down), as well as a useful content plugin developed by October Productions. October Productions also helps with photographic and other content – a full package development and maintenance service. If you’re looking at needing a web presence – no matter what your market – we can help with everything from web hosting, to design and build, and even the development of custom plugins and functionality.

Travel info and scores of images to download. Check it out: www.teddyabroad.com and then Contact Us.