Christies Design Framing

Our unique online custom picture framing tool, a WordPress plugin, developed exclusively for

Christies Design Framing is a fantastic custom picture framing business in northern Sydney. They have thousands of framing options, and can frame pretty much anything – photos, artwork, memorabilia, anything. In addition to their walk in business, Christie’s also has an online store. But while buying their amazing prints online and having them delivered to your door nicely framed is brilliant, that doesn’t really help if it’s your own image you need to get framed and you want to do everything online. That’s when Christies came to October Productions, to create an exclusive custom WordPress plugin.

We developed a unique and exclusive online customisation and ordering tool that allows anyone in Australia to upload the image they want framed, then pick and choose from a selection of Christie’s wide range of mattes and frames. You can customise your own frame online, see what your image will look like when framed, and order it right then and there.

This clever tool shows how October Productions can build custom tools and functionality for your website. Need something different to make your website stand out? Contact us today!

Visit Christies and see the tool in action: