FoodcoFoodco is one of Australia’s largest and most successful franchise operators, with nearly 600 locations across 7 countries employing over 4,000 people. As the stable for some of our most iconic food retail brands, and a regular award winner, Foodco continues to grow is size, scope and reputation. Like many large companies, Foodco relies heavily on WordPress for their web presence.

When it was time for Foodco to revamp their suite of corporate WordPress websites, they came to October Productions. We worked on several of their company branded sites, redesigning the interface, improving the engagement, and adding stunning new functionality. There was a long list of tasks that needed completing, and we were able to complete their list and exceed their expectations in record time. From a few small tweaks in some places to the writing, installation, customisation and configuration of new WordPress components, we were able to breathe new life and new purpose into their sites.

Even if you have an existing website, October Productions can assist in many ways – by making small changes where needed, right up to complete redevelopments. We can even design, build and add whole new components, giving your website the added functionality it needs to make it a truly worthwhile investment.

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