Lacunas Footwear

Lacunas Footwear has created a new type of thong (or flip flop, as some call them), designed to work just as well in the water as on dry land. They adapt to the shape of your foot for extra comfort and adjust to the surface of the ground, both conforming and gripping to the surface. Designed for those who enjoy living in or near the water, Lacunas Footwear is designed for use in the water. The unique design significantly reduces the risk of slipping, creating a completely new type of thong.

As part of their product launch, Lacunas approached October Productions to create an exciting, visually stunning promotional video that would appeal to those who lead an active lifestyle, especially one involving water sports. Working to their brief, October Productions created a short, sharp promo video that not only highlights the footwear, but also celebrates a watersport-based lifestyle.

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See our Lacunas promotional video: