MarketlendMarketlend needed to revamp their main web presence, prior to a major relaunch. Having only recently developed another site for one of their subsidiaries, Marketlend naturally came back to October Productions.

Marketlend offers innovative financing for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises. To quote from their site:

“After decades of working in global financial services for “the big end of town”, the Marketlend team realised SMEs deserved the same funding opportunities that the corporates have. Today, Marketlend is delivering a best-in-class marketplace lending solution, connecting investors and SMEs in ways never done before. We are committed to creating a business world where obstacles to financial transparency, fairness, high returns and efficiency are vanquished.”

While the back-end of their website – where their business actually takes place – wasn’t changed, the front end was completely updated. Nevertheless, our build needed to fit within their existing systems and processes, including their version control system.

A key part of this project was the quick turn-around of changes based on feedback. Requests were coming in daily, and most modifications were handled within minutes, rather than hours.

Not only do they now have a clean, modern design, but it is instantly mobile friendly. For a change, this was not a WordPress site, but coded from the ground-up. Just another full service October Productions can offer.