More web development

October Productions has had an extremely busy 2019, with more and more web development work keeping us almost flat out. While we’ve had a lot of WordPress development jobs, we’ve also seen an upturn in hard-coded sites – that is, sites that are built purely using HTML, CSS and Javascript without any sort of CMS involved. We’ve even seen a big increase in people and businesses just needing custom WordPress plugins to achieve something unique on their sites.

From large, global companies like Fitbit, to community organisations like Catholic Healthcare and small family businesses, our clients have included just about every sort of business imaginable.

Of particular note this year has been the use of custom WordPress plugins, something that makes our web development product stand out from the crowd. We’ve built up an enviable library of custom WordPress plugin resources that helps us develop custom solutions rapidly. Among the custom solution we’ve built for clients are:

  • A quick visual tool to help doctors and cancer patients find the most appropriate specialist doctor for their needs
  • A publicity and booking facility for a small market business, allowing stall holder to find a market and book a suitable stall
  • A total recruitment solution, allowing businesses to advertise short-term positions and freelancers with the right skills to apply for those positions
  • A complete Home Visit Health Specialist solution that allows people to find health specialists in their area that do home visits
  • A live integration with a financial provider that allows users of an Actuary to get real results in real time
  • An easy-to-follow online tool that allows clients to get a quote for home care

Whatever your web need, we can help. We can arrange affordable web hosting with email accounts, we can design and build a modern, engaging website, and we can help develop custom functionality for your WordPress site that helps you stand out from the crowd. Here’s just a small sample of some of our recent work …