While October Productions spends a lot of time creating stunning imagery, we’re not always known for our still photography. We’ve made some beautiful videos, some stunning moving content, and have contributed hundreds and hundreds of international travel pics to various sites. But fashion, personal and intimate photography is something not many people would associate with us. That’s a situation we’re looking to change, and a recent fashion shoot for The Right Fit at Carlotta Studios in Sydney was the first, big step in that new direction.

The photoshoot involved a number of big Australian fashion brands – including The Iconic, SuperDry, Sass & Bide, Kat the Label, Zimzali and many more – and some of Sydney’s freshest, most in-demand young models. We were able to deliver a wide range of soft, intimate and stunning images that highlighted both the fashion products and the models. Our warm, soft, intimate style was a hit with models and product agents alike.

Check out a sample of our amazing images below. You should also check out our other gallery of photos.

If you’re in the market for some eye-catching photography of your fashion products, or if you’re a model looking to expand your portfolio, contact us now.