Royalti Blockchain Group Royalti Blockchain GroupThe mysterious world of cryptocurrencies is in all the newspapers these days. It’s a world of cutting-edge technology and up-to-the-minute information. So when the international Royalti Blockchain Group needed a series of websites that tapped into all that technology for a range of new product offerings, they came to October Productions.

Covering four full websites in total, each built on WordPress and each with their own unique technological challenges, October Productions delivered in record time and at very affordable prices. The sites contained a number of customised functionality for Royalti, including:

  • a cryptocurrency price ticker, just like a stockmarket ticker, that gives visitors up to the minute prices on a range of popular cryptocurrencies;
  • an investment calculator, showing visitors how much they might make over a period for a given investment strategy;
  • an historical prices calculator that shows visitors how much a range of currencies have grown in value over the previous 12 months, and allow them to see how much they could have made if they’d invested at those prices a year ago. Royalti Blockchain Group Unique investment returns calculator Royalti Blockchain Group Royalti Blockchain Group Historical returns calculator Royalti Blockchain Group

These unique tools help Royalti Blockchain Group’s visitors keep track of a rapidly changing and evolving industry, and make Royalti’s site unique among their competitors.

One of our competitive strengths is the development of custom functionality for WordPress websites. We can design and development unique, custom plugins that provide functionality your competitors don’t have: a vital point of difference that lifts you above the noise.

This was a really exciting project, and ably demonstrated the specialist skills in developing customised functionality that October Productions can bring to such a challenging industry. We know there will be more challenges from this client as their business grows and moves into their next phase, and we’re really looking forward to whatever new custom functionality they need.