October Productions has been very busy lately with a number of significant scriptwriting (and script-related) projects. In possibly our biggest current writing project, in partnership with another production company, October Productions optioned the screen rights to a children’s book. For the past year we’ve been researching and crafting a feature screenplay adaptation. The script is now at the point where we are sharing it with key partners and attachments. Development is nearly complete, and pre-production is expected soon. It’s an extremely exciting project, and we feel certain it will prove to be a significant Australian family feature film.

This is the fifth feature film to be scripted entirely within October Productions. It won’t be the last.

At the same time, October Productions was recently engaged to script edit another Australian feature film. This was another big job, requiring all of our creative and technical writing skills, and called on all of our film-making experience. An entirely rewarding experience, that film is currently in production, being shot in Australia and the USA.

These are just our latest writing projects. In addition to feature films, October Productions has been responsible for scripting scores of corporate programs, a television comedy series, and a large number of theatrical productions (we’ve seen our original work performed in five countries now!).

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