Action Planner

Vinidex Action PlannerVinidex is a large Australian manufacturer, supplying quality PVC pipe, PE pipe and PP pipe systems and solutions for the transportation of fluid, data and energy. With offices and factories around the country, keeping track of various projects was always going to be challenging. That’s where October Productions was able to help out.

October Productions built a fully customised online collaborative project management tool called Vinidex Action Planner that enables project managers and senior managers around the country to monitor, track and report on all sorts of projects, regardless of where they are. It also allows project teams at different locations to work together on the same project.

With management reporting, email alerts, extensive sorting and filtering options and the ability to include notes and file attachments to each project task, the Vinidex Action Planner has proved an invaluable tool in Vinidex’s pursuit of excellence and safety.