As a large corporation responsible for lots of sensitive personal information, privacy compliance is a top priority for Medibank. In this video, senior executives from Medibank pass on some important messages about dealing appropriately with personal information.

When Medibank needed an efficient, affordable way to convey these important messages to internal audiences, they turned to October Productions. Shot and edited by October Productions, the video received excellent feedback internally, and the bottom line for Medibank was considerably less than it might otherwise have been with another producer.

Workplace Health Online

When Medibank wanted to convince their Workplace Health clients to use their new online portal, online videos were determined to be the answer.

October Productions produced two short graphics-based videos that Medibank could use on their website to promote their new portal, and then to explain to new users how it works. With no budget for new shoots, October Productions had to be creative in its approach to making the videos informative and engaging.

Using graphics, music and voice, October Productions produced simple, effective solutions that met the brief in spades.