PAX AUS 2016

pax-tv-slides-3PAX AUS is Australia’s largest event dedicated to gaming. For three days, gamers from around the country come together to play computer games and check out all the latest in gaming. The event showcases all the latest tech, and includes panels, video and live music.

Reed Exhibitions, the world’s leading organiser of trade and consumer exhibitions, runs PAX AUS. When they needed online videos to promote the 2016 PAX AUS event online they came to October Productions. With only a short lead time, October Productions was able to provide very quick turnarounds on a small number of videos designed to promote all the attractions of PAX AUS to a broad online and social media community.

paxaus-1The videos were intended to highlight all of the many attractions of the PAX AUS 2016 event, and had to remain on-brand. October Productions not only created fast-paced, high quality promotional videos, but we turned them around in record time.

The videos use two music tracks: one was licensed from a music library, but the other was from one of the music acts performing at PAX AUS – 7bit Heroes. Their full-length track needed significant editing to fit within the 30 second limit of the video, but because of October Production’s significant experience with music composition, mixing and mastering, this proved to be a straightforward process that not all post-production houses could manage. This is an excellent example of where the wide range of skills and experience at October Productions creates the best possible outcome for our clients.

See the main video here:

You can view three of the PAX AUS 2016 promotional videos here (the first promo link is the same as the video above):

Promo 1
Promo 2
Promo 3

Whether it’s for an online audience or a live audience, if you need to put together a promotional video that will work online, get in touch with October Productions today.